Bohemian Style

The biggest thing to keep in mind is the majority of a true bohemians wardrobe is made up of items that were hand made. Even if you don’t feel comfortable sewing your own clothes, you can make accessories!


You can’t go wrong with a wrist covered in bangles. They are a perfect addition to any outfit, and provide a little extra style. 

Try to stay away from the rubber wristbands. These are not bangles and they do not add to your style. In the end those bracelets could make any bohemian outfit look tacky.


Headbands are a perfect addition to any bohemian outfit, and it also aids in controlling a bad hair day!

The band across the forehead is primarily thought to be a hippie fashion, but it also fits in well with the bohemian style.

A vastly more popular alternative is the scarf headband look.

This is a much more obvious bohemian alternative and it looks amazing.

***Tip*** Make sure the main color in the scarf matches the main color of your outfit!


Everyone knows that all women like jewelry. The key here is less is more. You don’t want to have a top that has a jeweled neckline, and then add a bulky necklace to it as well.

Vintage jewelry is a big hit in bohemian style as well as stones.



Strappy sandals are the best choice for footwear. These shouldn’t be too hard to find as they are growing more and more popular.


  1. Try your best to make sure that the primary color in each piece matches the main outfit.
  2. Add feathers and beads to anything and everything you want. This will make the style more you, and it will emphasize the bohemian style that is motivating it.

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