Easy Frosted Windows

Do you have a window in your home, possibly in the bathroom or bedroom, that you wish just wasn’t there? This is a simple easy way to help make that room or space more private. All you need is a roll of frosted tape from a craft supply store near you.


  1. Cut the film tape to the exact size of the window. Be sure to measure first, in order to avoid mistakes.
  2. Carefully stick the cut out piece over the window. Use a credit card or I.D. card to scrap out all of the air bubbles to make the film cover flat.
  3. Tap a design over the top of the film cover. This design can me as simple as a picture printed onto a white sheet of paper.
  4. Using an exacto knife, cut out the shape. Be sure to press hard enough to cut through the printer paper and the film.
  5. Continue this process until the design is cut out entirely.
  6. Remove the paper design, and then remove all of the flip pieces you cut out.
  7. Wash the window, and enjoy the new found beauty and privacy.


This technique can also be applied to mirrors or a simple decorative effect!

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