Painting Furniture is an amazing way to spruce up old wooden pieces. Many of us aren’t capable of making or purchasing new furniture. My suggestion is look through some of the second hand shops and Goodwill stores near you, and find some furniture that suites your tastes. Functionality and design are key, and even the plainest of furniture can be made beautiful. It may take some time, but soon it instead of looking at the furniture as it is, you will start seeing it for the potential it has.

The steps for the furniture are about the same as the steps as the painted pebbles.


  1. Search for your ideal furniture, keeping in mind style, shape, and functionality.
  2. Select your colors and designs. You can use just about any paint you can find in a craft store, but I would ask an associate which types are best on wooden projects.
  3. Apply your designs through stencils or free hand painting.

The painting can be difficult, and if you aren’t a practicing artist, it may be hard to get the look that is desired. The tip for this is using stencils from the craft store, or tape. You can make any design you want with tape. Simple paint over the tape design or stencil. After, remove the tape or stencil, and see your design come to life!

Also it is not a requirement to paint designs! You can paint simple solid colors and the furniture will still turn out beautifully. Try to stay away from pale colors and try to stick to bright vibrant colors.

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